We work together

to improve understanding of MHSU issues, ensure people know how to access services, and address the stigma around mental health and substance use. From local communities to province-wide initiatives, we provide quality information and timely supports to ensure all British Columbians can make informed decisions about their mental health and substance use.

Mental health and substance use (MHSU) issues are complex and ever-changing. The BC Partners collaborate to expand knowledge and ensure British Columbians have the tools and resources they need to live healthy, meaningful lives.

Our 2020/2021 Initiatives:


In the last year, the HeretoHelp website had more visitors than ever before. People see the site as a credible source of information, resources, and stories they can access for themselves or share with others. Self-screening tests also continue to gain popularity. In 2020, more than 7.43 million people completed a private, online screening session on the HeretoHelp site.

Visions Journal

As the voice of lived experience, guided by mental health experts, trust is at the core of Visions magazine. Readership is growing, and a 2020 reader survey showed that people actually use the magazine to improve their mental health. We are also recruiting more diverse membership for the editorial board to enrich content, deepen engagement, and expand readership.

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses

In the past year, both our Leadership Community and our Support Team strengthened their collaborative approach and developed a valuable work plan. We also embraced Covid-19 restrictions to host our 2021 Summit, entitled We Belong to Each Other: Cultivating Campus Communities for Mutual Well-Being.

Equipping Education Events

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, we effectively shifted education events to a mix of in-person and virtual activities. Highlights included Beyond the Blues screening events, Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Week, National Child & Youth Mental Health Day, MHSU podcasts, and In the Know information-sharing events across the province.

Professional Learning K-12

Schools lay the foundation for mental health and substance use literacy. They’re also an essential bridge between children and youth, their families, and the community at large. Our professional learning initiatives are designed to support educators with relevant, real-world tools and resources for BC classrooms.

Visions Journal:

I’m reading your Covid-19 issue, which I plan to leave on my work kitchen table for my colleagues. There are lots of great, gentle, non-judgmental tips and positive perspectives on Covid-19.

Visions Journal:

Very intelligent and well written. It is a lifeboat for quick professional information on relevant topics.