We listen closely

to the needs of British Columbians to provide relevant programs, services, and resources. Lived experience matters. Expert guidance deepens knowledge. Our ongoing initiatives are directly shaped by the communities we serve – and we continually adapt our work to ensure it’s both timely and impactful.

Our 2020/2021 Initiatives:

HeretoHelp website

is a trusted source of mental health and substance information for British Columbians. The website offers stories, resources, and screening self-tests to help visitors explore mental health and wellness issues including depression, anxiety, body image, risky drinking, and more.

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Visions Journal

Founded in 1997, Visions is an award-winning, quarterly magazine written by and for the mental health and substance use community. This free publication brings together people who have experienced mental health or substance use problems, along with service providers, family and friends, community advocates, leaders, and decision-makers to share perspectives and tell stories.

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Health Minds | Health Campuses

A province-wide community of practice, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM|HC) promotes mental health and healthier relationships with alcohol and other psychoactive substances at their post-secondary institutions. Community members include students, campus service professionals, faculty, and administrators.

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Education Events

Education is the foundation of our health literacy mission. We work closely to deliver events, programs, and activities to help British Columbians learn and connect. Current initiatives include Beyond the Blues mental health and substance use campaign, Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Week, National Child & Youth Mental Health Day, In the Know information-sharing sessions, and mental health and substance use podcasts.

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Professional Learning K-12

Schools lay the foundation for mental health and substance use literacy. They’re also an essential bridge between children and youth, their families, and the community at large. Our professional learning initiatives are designed to support educators with relevant, real-world tools and resources for BC classrooms.

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Visions Journal:

I’m reading your Covid-19 issue, which I plan to leave on my work kitchen table for my colleagues. There are lots of great, gentle, non-judgmental tips and positive perspectives on Covid-19.

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