Healthy Minds / Healthy Campuses

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM|HC) is a province-wide community of practice committed to learning and working together within BC post-secondary institutions to promote mental wellness and healthier relationships with substances. Communities of practice are voluntary groups of people who learn and improve their practice through collaboration. HM|HC engages students, service staff, faculty and administrators to build capacity and shape campus cultures and environments that help all campus community members to thrive.

HM|HC made great progress in 2022/23:

  • New web content helped the community of practice better understand and implement the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting University and Colleges.
  • Two live events also advanced these goals: participation in an international symposium and holding a virtual biennial Summit conference on the theme of Charter activation, which saw more than 200 registrants attend 30 sessions.
  • The community also supported Indigenous undergraduate students on the governing HM|HC Leadership Committee and interacted with students on different campus initiatives they led.
  • An “HM|HC Talks” webinar discussion and regular newsletter communications further facilitated learning and provided exposure to helpful resources.

HM|HC is also a support for campuses seeking consultation advice. Just two examples this year included a graduate student who contacted HM|HC about their thesis on accessibility of mental health resources on campuses, and one campus Student Health Advisory Committee that sought help for a mental health environmental scan. HM|HC advanced relationships with BC Partners through expanded partner involvement in the Summit. Five BC Partners member organizations attended the event, and three made a presentation.

“My colleague and I have already begun drafting proposals for three initiatives inspired by the Summit.” ~ Summit attendee
“I intend to reach out and connect more intentionally with other strategic priority oces on our campus.” ~ Summit attendee

This year HM|HC used a responsive evaluation approach to ask about people’s experiences in a non-directive way. Feedback showed the majority of attendees viewed the Summit experience, in particular, as very positive, with opportunities to reflect, relate, be inspired and connect with others.

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