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Twenty years after its launch, HeretoHelp continues to be an important source of knowledge on mental health and substance use education for British Columbians—and beyond. People accessed the site more than three million times last year. The website also helps people navigate BC’s mental health and substance use systems. Staff and volunteers responded nearly 1,500 individual requests for help or referrals in 2022/23.

The BC Partners use responsive evaluation to improve our work: we learn what people think and feel about our resources and how to make our resources more useful. Based on what we have learned, we are currently improving the site user experience, including making substance use resources more prominent. Visitor survey respondents primarily used information to help themselves, followed by help for family members or patients/clients. Practical Wellness Modules and general mental health information were the most accessed HeretoHelp resources. Workbooks, such as You and Substance Use and the Safer Use series, were the most popular substance use resources. Visitors generally found the website easy to navigate and valued its accurate information.

“I have shared [the] HeretoHelp website with many clients in my practice. I even include the link to it in my email signature.” ~ website visitor
“Navigating the mental health system is always very difficult. Having somebody cut through the web and give us the most relevant information directly was very helpful. I would never have gone to the resource without the direction from your team.” ~ information-referral requester

We’re here to help

The Jessie’s Legacy website equips BC youth, parents, educators and professionals with evidence-based resources to prevent eating disorders and disordered eating and address body image concerns. Newly created content last year included articles on body neutrality, social media influencers and diet trends, plus a new resource for educators on promoting positive body image. Visitors accessed the site over 57,000 times last year. Jessie’s Legacy staff and volunteers helped over 1,200 people with support, information and referrals to services across BC.

“Our 16-year-old daughter has been dealing with an eating disorder for almost a year now and she has been actively engaging in therapy and has found a good connection with her current team. We have found your referral to the peer support group very helpful. Thank you so much!” ~ information-referral requester
“Thank YOU for making my life so much easier. The website has amazing content and resources for teachers and hopefully it will prevent body image issues for my students.” ~ website visitor


The BC Partners recognize the intimacy and power of podcasting in today’s media landscape. That’s why the Partners support the development and promotion of two podcast series:

OurAnxietyStories and Look again: Mental illness re-examined. These digital resources are free, easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and cover a wide range of mental health topics, appealing to British Columbians with lived experience, as well as those who are looking to support their loved ones.

“Just hearing stories reminds me that I am not alone in this struggle and there is hope for healing.” ~ podcast listener


People from all walks of life share their experiences with anxiety on #OurAnxietyStories. The podcast received close to 8,400 listens in 2022/23. Recent story themes included anxiety co-existing with other conditions, trauma, anxiety in a resource-industry worker and group therapy. After four seasons, evaluation shows that listeners feel they learned more about anxiety and feel less alone—especially important, as anxiety can be a very isolating journey.

“They make me feel seen because I can often relate to the stories that I hear and listen to. I appreciate and admire the bravery of sharing their stories.” ~ podcast listener

Look again: Mental illness re-examined

Look again: Mental illness re-examined explores the reality of serious mental illnesses like psychotic disorders and our shared role in helping those who live with them lead the most productive lives possible. The podcast, which features interviews with medical experts, families and people with lived experience of mental illness, offers insights and dispels myths. In 2022/23, Season Three touched on hot-button issues like racism, gender, medications and violence, achieving more than 25,000 listens. Listeners appreciated how the podcast raised diversity as a topic and would like to hear even more from people from diverse backgrounds. Listeners, including people who enjoy visual learning and people with hearing disabilities, also valued access to transcripts.

“I listened to it and have to say it brought tears to my eyes. So good!! I am sharing and know it will touch a lot of hearts. GREAT JOB!!!” ~ podcast listener