Visions Journal

The year was one of innovations for Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Substance Use Journal, the BC Partners’ flagship publication. The magazine, known for featuring stories from diverse people impacted by mental health and substance use concerns, focused on timely issues, including growing up in a digital world, intergenerational trauma and the many faces of neurodiversity. In 2022/23, Visions also added more interactive content, artwork and even poetry in its pages. Though the number of issues was reduced to three from four per year to manage costs, the quality of articles remained high.

For the first time in its 25-year history, Visions selected a guest managing editor from one of the BC Partners agencies besides the Canadian Mental Health Association. This collaboration built capacity and brought new perspectives to coordinating an issue. In the coming year, each issue will be coordinated by a different BC Partner agency, further expanding the diversity of Visions offerings. 

Survey feedback indicated readers are excited to receive each new issue. They say they read the entire magazine, looking for stories and strategies that can help them better understand and help themselves and others. Visions articles helped readers feel less alone and more hopeful that things might improve. Many noted that they are especially impacted by experiential stories. Professionals reported often using Visions as a teaching tool. Impacts also extended beyond readers: many Visions contributors said the process brought a sense of empowerment and pride, greater respect and empathy for others, increased writing skills and greater self-acceptance and confidence. 

“I read whatever’s there, I love learning about what’s going on and the stories being highlighted in each issue. I label the Visions issue as a whole as a favourite to check out, I love all of it.” ~ Visions reader
“I find it helpful reading the stories and experiences of others. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and often I pick up on ideas with relatable situations. It also helps me to learn about what to expect as I move forward.” ~ Visions reader

“Clients love it…I hope that it inspires them too. We all need hope and healing!” ~ Visions reader