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The BC Partners are seven non-profit agencies working to advance mental health and substance use (MHSU) literacy. Since 2003, we’ve collaborated to provide the resources people need to live well and both prevent and manage mental health and substance use problems.

HeretoHelp website

Trusted mental health and substance use information

HeretoHelp is meeting a growing need for credible, evidence-based information and resources, as well as personal stories. People seeking support for themselves or loved ones can also complete screening self-tests and request information from Help Desk referral experts.

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Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Substance Use Journal

Free quarterly magazine written by and for the MHSU community

Our 2020 survey showed that people not only subscribe to Visions, but apply the information to improve their mental health. Many also share their copies with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. We’re listening closely to cover relevant MHSU topics that British Columbians want to see in the magazine. Learn more


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“We need to talk about mental health crisis responses; we need to talk about culturally informed care; we need start to draft a roadmap to increased equity in our country and in the world. Thankfully, your magazine and its contributors are starting us on this winding and intersecting path.” – Visions Reader

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses

Promoting mental wellness and healthier relationships within BC’s post-secondary institutions

Our community of practice is a vibrant place for learning, sharing, and thought-provoking conversations. The 2021 Summit was a highlight, bringing together students, administrative staff, health services teams, and campus members from all walks of life to explore the benefits of mutual wellbeing.

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Education Events

Province-wide events, activities, and learning sessions built on lived experience

We quickly pivoted in 2020 to bring a mix of in-person and virtual activities to communities across BC. From the Beyond the Blues screening events to MHSU podcasts, to In the Know mental health networking and information-sharing sessions, we continue to deepen our collaboration and expand our reach.

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Professional Learning K-12

Consulting with K-12 educators and families to advance MHSU knowledge

Last year, we connected with BC families and educators to learn how we can better support their MHSU needs, and created a strategic report with concrete recommendations. While we often hear that teachers and parents of K-12 students have competing interests, our research shows that these groups share significant common ground.

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