Education Events

We know people need and deserve access to mental health and substance use information. To understand how this information applies at home, work and school, and in the community, people need real-time chances to learn from and connect with each other through peer-to-peer interactions.

That’s why, in addition to print and digital resources, BC Partners facilitate in-person and online education events for various audiences across BC. Events build safe communities where people can learn, find empathy and understanding, and destigmatize mental health and substance use challenges.

Refreshing! I was prepared to not learn anything I didn’t already know, but I have many great takeaways from the In the Know presentation and following discussions. I appreciate SO much the anecdotes of lived experience, as sometimes parenting children with mental health concerns can feel very isolating.” ~ In the Know attendee 

Through events, communities also gain capacity to provide mental health and substance use support. In 2022/23, the BC Partners directly hosted, or supported trusted local agencies to host, 151 events, connecting with almost 8,400 people. Popular events enabled by BC Partners included In the Know, Beyond the Blues, PROUD2BE, Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Week events, and Child and Youth Mental Health Day events. 

In feedback surveys participants described events as positive, inspiring and affirming. Through participation, people experienced a sense of community and belonging, and felt less alone. Participants said the strategies and tools presented were helpful and informative, and prepared them to better help others. Attendees left feeling supported, hopeful and better equipped to take next steps. 

“[The Proud2Be event] felt like being part of a community. It’s good to know how many thoughtful and knowledgeable people are here trying to support our trans youth.” ~ Proud2Be attendee  
“All of the staff and community partners commented that Beyond the Blues was a great way to connect with the youth at the school. The drop-in events are a useful way to provide information to youth who may not have the courage or ability to reach out for support by themselves. Everyone had a lot of fun and want to have more events like this.” ~ Beyond the Blues attendee