We’re here to help


We’re here to help – with trusted mental health and substance use information

HeretoHelp provides quality, evidence-based information about mental health, mental illness, and substance use problems. The website equips visitors to learn new skills and connect with BC resources. The site also offers strategies to help people:

  • Care for their mental health and use substances in healthier ways
  • Find the information they need to manage mental health and substance use challenges
  • Learn how to support a loved one

Growing needs. Growing access.

In the last year, the HeretoHelp website had more visitors than ever before. Many people needed extra support during the Covid-19 pandemic, and HeretoHelp is a credible source of information, resources, and personal stories that people can access for themselves, or to share with others.

Screening self-tests also continue to grow in popularity. In 2020, more than 7.43 million people completed a screening session on the HeretoHelp site. These confidential, online tools enable people to explore their mental health or wellness, and to look for signs and symptoms of some mental illnesses. Visitors can also examine their emotions and substance use patterns.

While self-screening tests are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, the current tests can screen for depression, anxiety disorders, mental well-being, body image, risky drinking, and cannabis use.


In the last year, the HeretoHelp website had more visitors than ever before:








Canadian website users say content is credible

I found this website to be a friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental place with good resources & info. I most definitely refer people to it. With the Covid situation I have found myself a bit stressed on occasion and a little blue. I know how to care for myself but I like that I can come here for some reassurance.

Just knowing that there is a website to go to for relevant advice and info is comforting.

HeretoHelp is a made-in-BC, credible partner resource that we can recommend to employees on a variety of topics, to help our employees stay safe and healthy.

Supporting service providers

HeretoHelp is a highly credible source of information and resources for service providers. In 2020, almost half of all Canadian visitors found the website through another service provider, such as a health professional, mental health and substance use service provider, school or campus staff member, or an employer.

The right help at the right time

Navigating the maze of mental health and substance use services can be overwhelming. From 2019-2020, the information referral experts at HeretoHelp saw a 39% increase in requests – a number that has more than doubled over the past two years.

Visitors email the BC Partners directly or complete a web form that reaches our Help Desk team. Experienced and empathetic staff answer questions and locate specific resources, services, programs, or other supports.

Working toward more effective governance

The seven BC Partners are committed to working in a respectful, collaborative, and caring way, while effectively guiding HeretoHelp through natural change and evolution. In the past year, we increased our governance capacity through:

  • Full agency participation at governance meetings
  • A willingness to challenge and explore how we can make HeretoHelp more relevant and function, while prioritizing user feedback
  • Adhering to a detailed work plan to guide both our planning and actions